Stupidly early RWC2023 prediction thread

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Stupidly early RWC2023 prediction thread

Postby Lizard » Sat Dec 19, 2020 12:04 pm

Right, this is of course based on my qualification predictions here viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4633. I'm not at all sure I'm right about the Europe qualifiers but I've made my bed there. You can make your own calls on which to base your actual RWC predictions.

So now we have:

Pool A
NZ (current ranking 3)
France (4)
Italy (14)
USA (16)
Namibia (24)

Forget Namibia. They will still be as shit as always and remain winless at RWCs. USA will definitely beat Namibia. They will also push Italy for 60 minutes but not quite get there. Italy will get nowhere near beating France or NZ. NZ v France is obviously the money-match here. France in a home world cup will be hard to beat and NZ will know that we only need to beat them once, preferably in a final rather than in the pool. So:

1 France, 2 NZ, 3 Italy, 4 USA, 5 Namibia

Pool B
South Africa (1)
Ireland (5)
Scotland (7)
Tonga (13)
Russia (21)

Russia (OK, probably Spain) won't win anything. Tonga will target Scotland but Scotland are quite functional these days and unless they get a very short turnaround or have serious injury problems they ought to prevail. Ireland will pull one out against the Boks, as will Scotland against Ireland, with the Boks beating Scotland. Bonus points, or some other part of the tie-break rules will send Scotland home.

1 SA, 2 Ireland, 3 Scotland, 4 Tonga, 5 Ruspania

Pool C
Wales (9)
Australia (6)
Fiji (11)
Georgia (12)
Canada (23)

Pool of the tournament, this. Georgia v Canada will be absorbing (can you still say "cripple-fight"?). Georgia have proven this year that they are nowhere near Tier 1, and Canada have been doing their best to prove they aren't even Tier 2. This could be Canada's last shot at redemption before they cease being a relevant part of international rugby. I'm going for an upset by the Snow Mexicans. Fiji have had the wood on Georgia for a while and sadly the former golden boys of Eastern Europe will be sent home winless. If Wayne Pivac is still there, he will limp home v Fiji and get the full pasting from a resurgent Wallabies.

1. Aus, 2. Wales, 3. Fiji, 4. Canada, 5 Georgia

Pool D
England (2)
Japan (10)
Argentina (8)
Samoa (15)
Uruguay (18)

England will not be troubled in this pool, despite a lot of nonsense that will be talked about the Brave Blossoms. Argentina v Japan will be a fascinating clash of styles, and Samoa will fancy their chances. Uruguay will get the wooden spoon but places 2, 3 & 4 may well come down the scheduling. I'm going for:

1. Eng, 2. Japan, 3. Argentina, 4. Samoa, 5. Uruguay

NZ beats SA (The last 10 matches have been NZ 8, SA 1, draw 1)
France beats Ireland (because Ireland in a QF, right?)
England beats Wales (although I really hope not)
Australia beats Japan (because of course they will)

NZ beats Aus (NZ have not lost at a RWC to Australia since 2003)
France beats England (France at home will be great)

Bronze final
No one will give a shit but probably England take this.

France beats NZ (because France are due, and playing at home)
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