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Health News

Postby Which Tyler » Wed Oct 06, 2021 10:06 pm

Which Tyler wrote:This doesn't really fit here, but may not deserve a thread of its own.

A different Oxford vaccine is proving effective against Malaria, humanity's biggest killer. 77% effective in children! ... faso-trial

Obviously small scale trial so far - but if it can be repeated in larger trials, this is massive

Vaccine has been approve for use by WHO.
Potentially the most important vaccine of the century, even at "just" 30-40% effectiveness. ... 021-10-06/ ... -in-africa ... e-who.html

This is the vaccine research that Bill Gates has been pouring money into - I wonder if there's a conspiracy to ge microchips / 5G / Human Magnetism into African children? Or is it just idiots with smartphones who need to be chipped?

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